Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mournful Clara

Mournful Clara is a little, lumina pumpkin-headed
gal who was inspired by an un-published novel I have written.
In the story, Miss Clara, a young lady of 1880s Philadelphia,
loses her suitor in a tragic drowning upon the Schuylkill River.
Now, Clara mourns his loss at Laurel Hill Cemetery, which over-looks the scene of Mr. March's untimely death.

Clara has developed over the past year to become
quite the muse for my work and I have painted her
as a cartoonish Halloween character, as well as stitched her
up to be a Victorian-style doll.


  1. Here I keep saying write a book using her and you already did....boy do I feel silly. I love my little painting sooooo much! Continue to keep Clara alive in our hearts Joanne, she's wonderful!

  2. Oh, shucks, Pam, don't feel silly!
    Maybe Clara will come full-circle and be in her own story. I'm just not prepared to tackle that yet!